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Even with constant cleaning, your house or business will eventually get to the point where you need to call in an expert to get it looking brand new again. Grime builds up on surfaces like your concrete, mildew builds up on your roof, pavements end up covered in gum, and dirt builds up on your walls and exterior. Being experts in graffiti removal, we also know how to make any surface look brand new again with our professional pressure cleaning service.

We specialise in both residential and commercial high pressure cleaning and can bring your home or business back to life! Using industrial grade top of the range cleaning equipment, we have an assortment of machines that range from high to low, hot to cold, and that have the ability to clean pavements, oil stains, graffiti, chewing gum, paint, decks, walls, tiles, swimming pools, and much more. We can provide full house and building washdowns to both single and double story buildings and can achieve incredible results on any surface! Get a free quote for Geelong's leading professional house washing service today.

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A commercial building in Geelong having pressure cleaning service done to it in order to remove the graffiti

Specialists in residential pressure Washing across geelong

Need expert pressure cleaning for homes and businesses? Maybe you're after driveway pressure cleaning?

With our level of experience and dedication to our trade, we believe that our team of specialist pressure cleaners can deliever the best service across Geelong and clean anything at anytime to a level beyond expectations. With an array of machines, equipment, and different products & applications, we can remove any unwanted dirt, grime, or substance from any surface without causing damage to the original material. We are unmatched for the cost of pressure washing in Geelong, so reach out and speak to our team today for a free quote!

We offer concrete cleaning, tennis court cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, house washing, school washing, business washing, car park cleaning, graffiti removal, and much more. For any of your pressure cleaning needs, reach out for a free quote today!

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Gutter Cleaning

Maintaining your gutters throughout the year is crucial in assuring your gutters don't get blocked up with debris and foliage leaving your home susceptible to water damage. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service to clean out the debris from your gutters guarantees spotless gutters all year round.

Driveway Cleaning

With the amount of heavy traffic going over driveways alongside them being outside exposed to the elements, they can easily build up dirt, grime, and scuff marks over time. Getting your driveway pressure cleaned by professional high pressure washers not only makes your driveway look great again, but can help prolong the life of it too.

Roof Cleaning

Getting your roof professional cleaned with our premium high pressure washing services can remove all dirt, grime, and contaminants that make your home look unsightly and unattractive, bringing it back to life! Whether it is a concrete tile roof, colourbond roof, metal roof, or a slate tile roof, our process eliminates all inpurities making your roof look brand new.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is one of those materials that is most susceptible to becoming dirty and in need of professional cleaners. Our concrete pressure cleaning service restores concrete surfaces back to brand new, completely removing any build up of dirt and grime. No matter how bad your concrete looks, we can restore it back to brand new!

Paver Cleaning

With all the joints, edges, cracks, and rough surfaces, cleaning pavers can prove to be very difficult and extremely labour intensive without the correct equipment and products. Our team of expert high pressure cleaners have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to completely restore your pavers and make your paving come back to life! Reach out today.

Brick Cleaning

Our brick cleaning service can clean your properties brick and stone, making it look brand new again. We use a safe chemical brick wash to remove any unwanted marks, dirt, and grime without causing any damage or harm to the surrounding environment. Our team of top brick pressure cleaners Geelong are your got to experts for all things brick and stone cleaning.

House Washing

If your home or building is dirty, stained, and in need of a wash, getting a premium house washing service to clean it's exterior can make your home look amazing again. A clean home will not only wow your neighbours and visitors, but will make it much more appealing to potential buyers when put on the market. If you are a homeowner in Geelong, reach out today for our residential pressure washing service.

Exposed Aggregate Cleaning

The best way to protect your exposed aggregate driveway and ensure its longevity is to clean any dirt and stains as soon as possible. We help you maintain your exposed aggregate patios and driveways through our high pressure washer service and safe chemical treatments. Reach out today!

A Geelong driveway halfway through a pressure wash showing one half pressured cleaned, the other half still to be washed.

Your trusted pressure cleaning specialists

From graffiti removal to swimming pool cleaning, we have a pressure washing solution for you

No matter the size of the job or the amount of dirt needed to be washed, we have a solution for you. Increase the market value of your home or wow your customers with the exterior of your business with professional pressure cleaning and soft washing. Your neighbours might just ask what you did to get it looking brand new again! You can extend the lifespan of your property by getting regular pressure cleaning done by trusted pressure washer specialists who get the job done right without causing damage. Call Graffiti Removal Geelong today and we'll work out a plan to get your home or business clean and looking great again!

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